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Planet Earth. The Planet to know for life  And why shouldn’t it fascinate us? In addition to being our home and the place where life as we know it originated, it remains the only planet we know of where life thrives. Over this century we have learnt so many Amazing Facts About The Earth.

But how much does the average person really know about the planet Earth? You’ve spent your whole life on this Earth let see how much you know about the ground under your feet. You might have heard lots of facts about the Earth but these 5 facts are one of the amazing facts about the Earth. Lets See them one by one.


Plate Tectonics Keep the Planet Comfortable:


On this Solar system the Earth is only  with the plate tectonics.The outermost broken part of the Earth is  known as tectonic plates. Plane tectonics  are usually floating on top of the magma interior of the Earth and can move against one another. While the colision of two plates,  the one plate will be subducted and the other will be pulled apart,this will allow crust to form.


Earth is Almost a Sphere:


Many people tend to think that the Earth is a sphere. In fact, between the 6th century BCE and the modern era, this remained the scientific consensus. Sincerly to Modern Technology which helped to know about the that the Earth shape is Sphere.


70% of the Earth’s Surface is Covered in Water


During first time the astronauts went to the space, they looked  at the Earth with human eyes for the first time. While  having deep observation about earth it has also some nickname like “Blue Planet” . Actually their is no surprise about this about 70% of the Earth covers water. And 30% of Earth covers Land.


 Earth having Magnetic Field



The Earth is acting like a big magnet having poles near to its geographic poles. The Radius of this magnet is about thousands of kilometers outermost surface of the Earth.And this region is also called  “magnetosphere”. From the research it is concluded that magnetic field is made up of Earth’s molten iron core.


Earth is the Only Planet Known to Have Life:


We’ve discovered past evidence of water and organic molecules on Mars, and the building blocks of life on Saturn’s moon Titan. Once travelling to Space you can see there is amino acids in nebulae in deep space. And scientists have speculated about the possible existence of life beneath the icy crust of Jupiter’s moon Europa and Saturn’s moon Titan. On this Solar system the Earth is only planet known to have life.