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In an Interview, Heath Ledger said that the Joker was his most loved part and it’s reasonable why. He was notorious in The Dark Knight, and I don’t think anybody can envision that movie without him – or envision that part played by some other artist. A lot of measure of Heath went into that part, and there have been innumerable stories about how he was in behind the scenes. However, here are nine Facts About Heath Ledger’s Joker that you most likely don’t know!


Locked Up


To really get into the Joker’s head, Heath locked himself a motel space for 43 days. This enabled him to feel isolated and alone with his thoughts and perfect the crazed Joker we as a whole observed on the screen.



Like Clockwork


The gestures of the Joker were heavily influenced by Alex De Large, the main character of the 1971 movie A Clockwork Orange, played by Malcolm McDowell.