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It’s difficult to find the perfect person who loves you really. Many of You, may have been single for a long time. Sometimes you might think to get into the relationship in any condition well not quite. In every relationship, there is need of some compromise for the betterment of the relationship. Two Soul are connected to each other after all so.These are The 5 Things That A Man In A Real Love Should Never Do To His Girlfriend


Never Tell Her About Her Body Figure If She is Overweight 


Different guys have different types of physique they find physically attractive, and that’s fine. Every guy likes a little girl with a slim figure on his dream girl. That’s totally okay — different strokes for different folks and all. However, what’s not okay is if your guy is trying to tell you to change your body to please him. Every guy wants a healthy and slim girlfriend but it cant be possible. So never tell her about her weight or to lose some weight.


Never Flirt With Other Women While She is With You


Everyone has a different personality type, and there definitely are some people who are simply more flirtatious in general. They know how to turn on that charm and that’s just part of who they are. So never try to flirt with other women especially she is with you. She might feel bad and have to be embarrassed because of you.